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The Sentinel/General/012. Broken

Title: A Broken Heart
Fandom: The Sentinel
Characters: Blair Sandburg, Simon Banks
Prompt: 012. Broken
Word Count: 2118
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: DEATH STORY, violence, angst (did I mention DEATH STORY?)
Summary: Blair has to try to deal with the death of his best friend.
A/N: I do not own The Sentinel or any of the characters. This was written for entertainment purposes only.

A Broken Heart

Simon walked over to the young man, placing his arm around the slumped shoulders. He pulled him close, trying to block out what he had just witnessed. But Blair looked around the big captain to watch as the sheet was placed over the body and it was loaded into the coroner's van.

Simon led Blair over to the car, placing him inside the passenger side. As Simon got into the driver's side, he debated about where to take Blair. He was reluctant to leave the young man alone for any amount of time. This would take a heavy toll on Blair. His best friend was dead and he had witnessed the shooting. Simon decided to take Blair to his place, so Blair wouldn't be alone.

"I'm going to take you to my place, Blair. You can rest and I can deflect the media and the throng of well-wishers so you don't have to deal with them right now."

Blair looked over at Simon sitting in the driver's seat. Simon saw a broken man looking back at him. Blair didn't say a word at all.

There would be many people who would miss Jim Ellison, but Simon suspected none would miss him as much as the young man sitting in the passenger seat. Simon called into the station on the drive to his house and relayed to Rhonda where he was headed and why. Everyone already knew what had happened. Rhonda offered any help she could over the next several days. Simon thanked her and told her he'd be in touch.

When Simon closed his cell phone, he looked over at Blair. He was looking out the window of the car, but Simon suspected he wasn't looking at anything in particular. It was eerie to see Blair so quiet and so still, as if he wasn't even there. Simon knew eventually he'd have to try to get Blair's version of events recorded, but that could wait for a while.


Blair got out of the car when they arrived at Simon's place. He followed Simon into the house and went to sit in the living room. Simon followed Blair and sat down beside him on the couch.

"You want something to drink? Or to eat? I could even order take-out if you want something in particular."

Blair only shook his head no, keeping his eyes on the floor.

"Why don't you lie down and rest?" Simon was at a loss as to what to do. He got up and walked into the kitchen. There was plenty he had to do. He just didn't know what to do with Blair. Especially with a Blair that was silent.

He grabbed the phone and started making phone calls. He had Joel handle telling William and Steven Ellison in person about Jim. Simon had told Joel to tell the Ellison men that he'd contact them later as he was taking care of Blair at the time. Simon called William Ellison first.

"Hello?" William Ellison sounded tired.

"Mr. Ellison, this is Captain Banks. I wanted to apologize for not stopping by to let you know in person about your son. Jim was an exemplary officer and one of my best detectives. Your family has my condolences and those of the department."

"Thank you, Captain Banks. Captain… Taggart explained to me that you were with Blair. Is he still with you?"

"Yes, sir. I brought him back to my place. He witnessed the shooting and he's in shock at the moment."

"Is there any way I can talk to him, Captain?" William sounded desperate to talk to Blair.

"I'd prefer you let him have a little time, Mr. Ellison. He's not up to talking to anyone right at this time."

"Will you tell him I want to talk to him?"

"Of course, Mr. Ellison. I'll give him the message. I'm sure I'll see you soon. Take care of yourself."

Simon hung up the phone. Well, that was hard. He looked out into the living room to see Blair still sitting in the same spot as earlier. Simon still had more calls to make so he sat down at the kitchen table to make them.


It was over an hour later when Simon finished his phone calls. He had almost wished for a hysterical Blair Sandburg so that he knew where he was. A silent Blair Sandburg could just sneak up on you unannounced. Simon felt he had to check up on Blair. He had talked to Rhonda again and everyone in Major Crime had offered to spend time with Blair to make sure he wasn't alone. Henri and Brian offered to go to the loft and get Blair clean clothes and other necessities. Simon had given them the go ahead. They were going to stop by in a little while to get the key to the loft. Simon decided to loan them his key instead of asking Blair for his and risk upsetting the young man.

Simon got to his feet and walked towards the living room. Blair wasn't on the couch anymore. Simon checked the rest of the house, but Blair wasn't there. Damn! The kid was out on the streets in a fragile state of mind, probably not thinking clearly. Simon opened the front door, noting it was unlocked. He looked around the immediate area, but didn't spot Blair anywhere nearby. He thought about canvassing the neighbors, but decided not to. Simon was hoping Blair showed up on his own soon. Maybe he had headed back to the loft, wanting to be there.

Simon saw Henri and Brian pull up and walked over to the car. "Blair left sometime when I was on the phone. He might have headed back to the loft. I'm going with you," explained Simon as he got into the back seat.

As Henri drove, Simon and Brian kept an eye out for Blair on the streets. But they didn't spot him. When they reached the apartment building, Simon told Henri and Brian to wait so that if Blair were there they wouldn't all gang up on him.

Simon went up to the third floor by himself and let himself into the loft. He looked around but Blair wasn't here. He hadn't come home. Simon called Henri and Brian up to the loft.

"If he's not here, where did he go?" Brian called out, while putting clothes into a duffel bag.

"I'm not sure, Rafe. He'll show up, I'm sure."

"You don't think he'd do anything… you know." Henri sounded worried.

Simon looked over at his detectives. "I don't know. That's why I wanted to stay with him. I just don't know what he might be capable of. This is a devastating blow to Sandburg. He and Jim were like brothers, they were that close. Jim was the family Blair had always wanted. In Jim, he had the older brother he never had and a best friend all together."


He wanted to cry. He wanted to scream. He wanted to die and follow Jim. He didn't need a baby-sitter. He had been able to leave Simon's house and just walk away. He had taken a side street and had just walked. He wanted to deny what had happened, but every time he closed his eyes, he saw Jim being killed. Blair thought he was going to be killed also, but he had ducked out of the way at the last minute. Jim had shouted a warning and, for once, Blair had heeded the warning. He wished he hadn't. Because he did, Jim was dead.

There was a void in his broken heart. He'd never be the same again. It hurt so much to lose Jim.

Blair had never thought it would have happened that way. In the beginning, it was just about a research paper, his dissertation, a few tests and a few helpful pointers and Blair and Jim would go their separate ways. But from the beginning, it had been so much more than that. It had been a connection, a shared secret between them, only told to select other people over the years. Jim and Blair only knew Jim's true abilities and the extent of his gifts. It was all documented in Blair's notebooks, but those were in a safe-deposit box, away from curiosity seekers. Now, only Blair knew what Jim's true abilities had been.

Blair stopped walking and looked around. He was near the docks and his tears started to fall. This was where he and Jim came to get away from the crowds of the city. It was surprisingly relaxing and peaceful. They could come here and sit for hours, just watching the boats and the birds.

Blair slumped to the ground, not caring where he was. He knew this would happen eventually. He hadn't been able to do this after the shooting, when he had been in shock. But now the initial shock was over. Blair remembered going over to Jim and kneeling down, watching the blood flow out of the wound in Jim's chest and watching as the life left Jim's body. There was nothing Blair could do to stop it. Jim died and Blair stayed by his side, not knowing what else to do.


Simon had remembered Jim telling him that he and Blair would go down to the docks to just get away from things when they got to be too much. Simon decided to go by the docks and see if he could spot Blair. It would have been a long way for Blair to walk, but Simon suspected the young man didn't realize how far he had gone.

Simon went to the docks, hoping that he found the young man. He had left Henri and Brian at the loft in case Blair showed up. If nothing else, Simon didn't want to confront Blair with a crowd, even if they were well-wishers and meant him no harm.

Simon got out of his car, noticing it had started to rain. He started walking with a purpose, wishing he had his former detective's sensory abilities to track Blair. He'd just have to rely on his own skills to find Sandburg.

He got about three feet and saw the huddled mass in the midst of several warehouses. Simon knew immediately it was Blair. He hurried over to the young man and gently got him to his feet. Blair offered no resistance to the bigger captain.

"You should have stayed put, Sandburg. You had me worried. I know how devastated you are right now, but there are things you have to do. For Jim."

At the mention of Jim, Blair looked up at Simon. Simon saw the tears in Blair's eyes.

"I know it's hard, Blair. Why don't I take you to the loft and you -?"

"No! I can't go there. I should go talk to Jim's dad. He'll blame me…"

"No, he doesn't blame you, Blair. I talked to him earlier. He wants to talk to you and he asked me how you were. I told him you needed a little time and he totally understood."

Blair only shook his head, walking a short distance away from Simon. Simon let him walk away, but kept an eye on him.

"I've asked Henri and Brian to get you some clothes and other things from the loft. Can I tell them that you'll be returning to my place?"

Several minutes passed before Blair answered. "Yes. I just needed the time alone. And I really don't need a baby-sitter."

"Don't think of me as your baby-sitter, think of me as a concerned friend."

"I'm sorry I worried you. Jim…" The sobs overtook Blair.

Simon walked over to Blair and pulled the young man close in a hug. Blair allowed the closeness, grateful Simon had come looking for him, that he cared enough to come. Blair followed Simon to his car and got inside. Once Simon was inside, he turned to face Blair.

"You know, it won't do any good to have you coming down with a cold."

"No, sir." Blair closed his eyes, once more seeing the moment of Jim's death. He quickly opened them again, looking as Simon drove them back to his house.

Along the way, Simon contacted Henri telling him he had found Blair. From Simon's end of the conversation, Blair suspected that Brown was worried about whether Blair was okay as Simon continually reassured the detective. Blair let a small smile come across his face. He knew just how lucky he was to have the friendships of all the other members of Major Crime in his time of need. It would help him in the days to come.
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