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Arc x Yucie, 51 (Impressed), 95 (Thoughtful), 61 (Nervous), 60 (Lonely), 21 (Creative)

Title: "I feel..."
Fandom: Petite Princess/Puchi Puri Yucie
Characters: Arc/Prince Aero x Yucie
Prompt: 51 (Impressed), 95 (Thoughtful), 61 (Nervous), 60   (Lonely), 21 (Creative)
Word Count: 51: 1004; 95: 490; 61: 477; 60: 222; 21: 564
Rating: PG-18 (Most PG-13, but some later themes require the higher rating.)
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoiler-free as long as you're current.  Begins immediately post-series and continues throughout their lives.
Summary: Feelings are funny things.  You could go through a hundred in just as many days or the blink of an eye.

"I Feel..."

Arc knew Yucie was growing.

Thoughtful: Sometimes, even after months of royalty lessons, her simplistic roots still got the better of her.

Nervous: He realized he was more shoving his food around on the plate instead of eating it, but his stomach was too busy doing acrobatics for his mind to care much.

Lonely: She was quickly learning that a crowd of people or a spacious palace could be the loneliest place in the world.

Creative: Everything was going to be perfect.
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