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Arc x Yucie, 70 (Optimistic), 19 (Cranky), 99 (Weird), 11 (Bouncy), 82 (Romantic)

Title: "I feel..."
Fandom: Petite Princess/Puchi Puri Yucie
Characters: Arc/Prince Aero x Yucie
Prompt: 70 (Optimistic), 19 (Cranky), 99 (Weird), 11 (Bouncy), 82 (Romantic)
Word Count: 70: 419; 19: 608; 99: 1050; 11: 854; 82: 1152
Rating: PG-18 (Most PG-13, but some later themes require the higher rating.)
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoiler-free as long as you're current.  Begins immediately post-series and continues throughout their lives.  M-rating starts to come into play here for heated smoochies~
Summary: Feelings are funny things.  You could go through a hundred in just as many days or the blink of an eye.

"I Feel..."

Optimistic: She was humming lightly as she pulled the thread through the fabric, sealing the final stitch on the section she was working on.

Cranky: If, by this time the next year, Yucie found herself back at home and estranged from the Crown Prince of Erlsel…well, she was going to blame Sir Humphrey.

Weird: The first time he did anything more than kiss her was…weird.

Bouncy: The prince’s eyes shot open as the wind was knocked from him.

Romantic: “So this is why you were so agitated the other day?”
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