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Salmon Pink

One Piece - Zoro/Sanji - #51 Impressed

Title: Mouthful
Fandom: One Piece
Characters: Zoro/Sanji
Prompt: #51 Impressed
Word Count: 345
Rating: NC-17

Zoro’s thumbs dig into Sanji’s inner thighs, keeping them spread as he moves between them. His mouth is so damn hot, lips dragging over the length of Sanji’s cock, tongue swirling around the head, getting him wet and driving him crazy. Flutter of breath against the slit, and Sanji hisses, fingers tugging at Zoro’s hair, already strung out and close to the edge.

Because the asshole is talking.

Even with his mouth so busy, Zoro’s still managing to mutter a long string of filth, murmuring about all the ways he wants to fuck Sanji, all the ways he wants to make him scream and cry and beg for more. Tongue flicking along the underside of Sanji’s cock as he forms the words, and Sanji grits his teeth and tries not to embarrass himself, because this really isn’t fair.

He’s always known Zoro could talk around a mouthful of sword-hilt, and he’s honestly kind of surprised that it never occurred to him that Zoro would be able to keep talking around other things. It has no right to be as sexy as it is, and the worse part is Zoro knows it and is clearly enjoying the effect it has on Sanji.

“Fucking show-off,” Sanji moans, hips bucking up, cock thrusting between lips that are still talking, every word vibrating against Sanji’s skin.

He feels the pull of Zoro’s mouth, the tightening of his lips around the base of his dick that means Zoro’s smirking at him, and that’s it, he’s going to have to put the bastard in his place. There’s no way he’s letting the shithead think he has the upper hand or anything, and Sanji can already think of several ways he can get his revenge by showing off some of his own talents.

Even with everything they’ve done together already, Sanji’s never let Zoro see just how flexible he truly is, and he’s already anticipating making the marimo’s eyes cross in the near future.

But for now he contents himself with throwing his head back and fucking that oh-so talkative mouth.
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