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The Sentinel/General/011. -- Bouncy

Title: Bouncy Blair
Fandom: The Sentinel
Characters: Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg
Prompt 011. Bouncy
Word count: 390
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I don't own The Sentinel or any of the characters. This is only for entertainment purposes only. No money is being made out of this endeavor.
Summary: Jim decides to document Blair.

I watch him as he walks into the bullpen. He really does bounce. I know I've kidded him about being bouncy and having more energy than the Energizer Bunny. I need to get a video camera and tape him sometime. Maybe at the university. I'm sure he's more bouncy there than around the police station. I go to Simon's office, asking for tomorrow off.

"Why do you need tomorrow off, Jim? Something I need to know about?"

"Um…no sir. Blair needs my help at the university with a project he's working on and I told him I'd do it. He's done so much for me with my senses, I thought the least I could do is to help him in return."

"Okay, Jim. You do have the vacation time you need to take. Have fun and don't let the kid rope you into something you'll regret later."

"Oh, no chance of that happening, Simon. Thanks."

I make sure I have a video in the camera as I leave the loft after Blair the next day. I told him I was going to clean the loft and he made some snide remark about anal-retentive Sentinels, which I ignored. I practically had to push him out the door to get him to leave.

I followed at a discreet distance so he wouldn't notice the tail. He's still not very observant when it comes to people following him. Guess I'll have to teach him that lesson again in the future.

I park near the library, which is closest to Hargrove Hall. I set up the video camera to start running and focus on Blair. I hit pay dirt as he goes from his car to Hargrove Hall -- he's bouncing, full of life and energy. That's my partner. Bouncy Blair. I chuckle at my unintentional joke.

I stay at the university and catch Blair bouncing several more times during the day as he runs all around the campus. It's quite entertaining. I think I should offer to buy Blair lunch for giving me so much entertainment. Of course, I won't tell him that. It will be my secret. Of course, it could also be great blackmail material in case I ever need it. At least I have it the next time he claims he doesn't bounce and I can show him Bouncy Blair.
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